Pursuing the research and development of natural astaxanthin, we found that natural astaxanthin has an excellent pharmacological action to suppress chronic inflammation and is effective for preventing and treating various diseases including lifestyle diseases.

In modern society, various symptomatic treatment medicines have been prescribed in addition to diet therapy and exercise therapy for chronic diseases which are difficult to cure.
However, these medications might not achieving fundamental treatment.

We believe our new compounds we have discovered from the astaxanthin research have great potential and will become an innovative therapeutic agent which provides the new medical care for chronic inflammation which is said to be the origin of many diseases.
Our mission is to deliver new medicines to patients in the world by taking advantage of long experience and expert knowledge and skills in drug development.

We established Asta Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. to achieve this mission.
Along with aging society, the prevalence of chronic diseases and lifestyle diseases has increased, and the psychological, physical and economic burden of patients has been further increasing.
The cost of health and medical expenses and social infrastructure has become a burden on society more than ever.

We are convinced that our innovative medicine will bring solutions to patients and the society.

Mitsunori Nishida(CEO)



To make the world healthier and happier.


To be the world’s leading company in the field of drug development by
pursuit of innovation.


Company name Asta Pharmaceuticals, Co., Ltd.
Established date October 15th, 2015
Head Office 55 Yokohoonji, Kamiichi-machi, Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama-Pref. 930-0397 Japan
Phone number +81(0)76-461-3068
Management Team Mitsunori Nishida, Founder and President
Takashi Fujita, Ph.D., Executive Vice President
Tomihisa Yokoyama, D.V.M., Ph.D., Managing Director
MaryJane Rafii, Ph.D., COO
Research Advisors Kazuyuki Miyakawa(Special Advisor)
Takaaki Toubaru
Takao Kawasaki, Ph.D.
Akira Kusai, Ph.D.
Group Company Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. AstaReal Co., Ltd.